Anti-Cancer Lotion UB Receives Three Awards in Malaysia

index-300x300Anti-cancer Hand & Body Lotion, AZALA, work of students of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) won three awards at the 27th Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE) 2016 which was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Covention Centre, (12/5-14/5/2016).

The event organized by C.I.S. Network Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia was followed by dozens of innovators from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Russia.


AZALA team fronted by Sofia Afifah A. (Chemical Engineering), Yuyun Drupadi A.A. (Chemical Engineering), and Indra Barani (Mechanical Engineering). They obtained awards include the Bronze Medals AYIE 2016, Special Award by the World Intellectual Property Invention Associations (WIIPA) and Special Award by the International Intellectual Property Network Forum (IIPNF).
According to the team leader, Sofia, AZALA lotion created inspired by the conditions of a tropical country that expose to the sun so much. The impact of too much exposure to UV rays can lead to dry skin and skin cancer.
“We utilize the mangosteen rind antioxidants to ward off free radicals. This material can remove dead skin cells and is known as an anti-cancer,” he said.
The production process AZALA Hand & Body Lotion also utilize Indonesia local ingredients. Besides mangosteen extract, also used supporting materials such as aloe vera extract, lemongrass oil, and olive oil.
“Previously mangosteen is known only to make drugs taken by mouth. Now we make products from mangosteen for protection on the outside of the body,” explained Sidoarjo-born student.
The process of making a product that is currently in the process to get patent takes a long time. To retrieve the mangosteen peel extract takes a full day. From one kilogram of mangosteen, can produce 250 grams of mangosteen extract.
After the mangosteen extract is mixed with supporting materials, it can produce four bottles of lotion with a size of 150 ml. AZALA Hand & Body Lotion priced at Rp. 15.000,- per bottle.
“Because our product is using natural ingredients, so its lifetime is limited. Just about one month or so,” said Indra, one of team member.
Therefore, the team continues to conduct research so that AZALA Hand & Body Lotion can last much longer, at least until a minimum of one year. So far, two abroad companies have been interested in establishing cooperation with Azala team.
“They think our products are good. But they asked us to do research so that the product has a longer lifetime. This is what we’re working toward,” he concluded. (and/mic/Humas UB)