Warm greetings from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan. We are delighted to send you the latest edition for our promotional materials for international degree-seeking students. Adjacent to the Hsinchu Science Park, the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Taiwan, NCTU is a prestigious national university in science and engineering widely known for its outstanding alumni and collaboration […]

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Bonjour! Pada tanggal 20 Maret seluruh dunia merayakan Hari Frankofoni. Untuk menyemarakkannya, berbagai kegiatan budaya akan diselenggarakan di seluruh Indonesia . Pada Pekan Frankofoni edisi 2013 ini, Institut Prancis di Indonesia mengadakan konser, pemutaran film, seminar dan berbagai workshop untuk mendorong serta mengembangkan pembelajaran bahasa Prancis di Indonesia. Dalam rangka Festival Sinema Prancis ke-17 yang […]

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Korea National University as one of the country’s oldest, largest and top ranked universities in Korea  offers a valuable opportunity to get a scholarship for Bachelor and Master degree. Please click link below for further details. Scholarship Korea National University

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GENERAL INFORMATION The University was founded in 1960 by a special resolution of the USSR government and named as  PATRICE LUMUMBA UNIVERSITY OF PEOPLES’ FRIENDSHIP symbolizing the struggle of oppressed people all over the world for freedom and independence. Over 72,000 foreign nationals from 170 countries have studied and graduated from this University which combines […]

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Admissions Policy We seek applicants who aim to be leading professionals with a high level of expertise in fields related to East Asia. We evaluate candidates for admission who have a deep respect for and understanding of the regional characteristics of East Asia. We are particularly interested in strongly motivated, creative students who possess a […]

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ISFiT – The International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway is the world’s largest student festival with a thematic focus. About 450 students from all over the world attend the festival. The themes have changed over the years, but have always been related to social and political topics with international relevance. World figures often attend ISFiT […]

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KEMENTERIAN PENDIDIKAN DAN KEBUDAYAAN DIREKTORAT JENDERAL PENDIDIKAN TINGGI Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu 1 Senayan, Jakarta 10002 Telp.(021)57946053 Fax.(021) 57946052 Nomor            :  494/E4.4/2011                                                                                               17 Februari 2012 Lampiran        : Hal                 :  Perpanjangan batas waktu pendaftaran beasiswa S2/S3 LN Ditjen Dikti Gelombang II alokasi tahun 2012 Menyusuli surat Direktur Diktendik nomor 167/E4.4/2012 tanggal 17 Januari 2012, perihal […]

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