Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates will be offering EU funded fellowships for doctoral programmes starting in the academic year 2017-2018. These doctoral-level training and research programmes offer fellowships covering up to three years of doctoral activities.   Applicant doctoral candidates should contact the relevant consortium offering the EMJD for more information on courses and application procedures. […]

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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) will be offering EU-funded scholarships for courses taking place in the academic year 2017-2018. Most consortia will require applications to be submitted between October and January, for courses starting the following academic year.   For complete list of courses offered including scholarships provided, please visit the URL below : […]

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The Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) selects each year 150 exceptionally talented and motivated students among the applicants to the Laurea Magistrale (LM) programmes in Architecture, Design and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (90 students) and Politecnico di Torino (60 students). A number of places is reserved to international students. Students who wish to be admitted to the […]

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Thanks to the cooperation with public and private partners, every year Politecnico di Milano offers a number of merit based scholarships to the most talented international candidates admitted to a Master of Science programme. Students obtaining a scholarship will have to pay only a non-refundable administrative fee of about €200. Merit-based scholarships are available for students applying to […]

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PhD Studentships at Birmingham City University, UK   Qualification type: PhD Location: Birmingham Funding for: UK Students, EU Students, International Students Funding amount: £14,296 Hours: Full Time   Deadline: 13 November 2016   For more information, please visit the URL below :   International Office  Universitas Brawijaya +62 341 557 923 +62 341 579 […]

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AMINEF kembali membuka pendaftaran Beasiswa Program Community College Initiative (CCI). Program pertukaran pendidikan bertaraf internasional ini memberi kesempatan untuk belajar di community college di Amerika Serikat untuk mengembangkan keahlian profesional. Untuk tahun akademik 2017-2018, Bidang-bidang yang ditawarkan dalam program CCI yaitu Pertanian, Teknik Terapan, Manajemen Bisnis and Administrasi, Profesi di bidang Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini […]

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Chevening scholarship is the UK government’s global scholarship programme aimed at future leaders. Chevening is funded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organization. The awards are aimed for talented professionals who are looking to pursue one year Master degrees in any subject at the United Kingdom. After their postgraduate studies, Chevening scholars return […]

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Sandwich Program is where the student continues to be registered at their home university, while studying for a period of time between six months and a year at Shibaura Institute of Technology.   For example, the student may study for their first two years at their home university, study at the College of Engineering at […]

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A great opportunity for students and/or young professionals (graduated within the last 3 years) from all different disciplines such to join Water Academy and learn about Blue-Green City. It is an intensive and unique learning experience for 20 – 30 selected students who have the interest to learn about urban water challenges and opportunities in […]

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DAAD Jakarta membuka kembali kesempatan beasiswa untuk summer course dan beasiswa training UNILEAD untuk keberangkatan tahun 2017. Beasiswa yang ditawarkan adalah sebagai berikut :    Beasiswa “Hochschulsommerkurs” bagi mahasiswa S1 tingkat akhir/ mahasiswa S2 semua jurusan untuk mengikuti short summer course di Jerman tahun 2017.   Deadline pendaftaran : 1 Desember 2016.   Informasi lengkap mengenai persyaratan, […]

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