Chevening scholarship is the UK government’s global scholarship programme aimed at future leaders. Chevening is funded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organization. The awards are aimed for talented professionals who are looking to pursue one year Master degrees in any subject at the United Kingdom. After their postgraduate studies, Chevening scholars return […]

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Sandwich Program is where the student continues to be registered at their home university, while studying for a period of time between six months and a year at Shibaura Institute of Technology.   For example, the student may study for their first two years at their home university, study at the College of Engineering at […]

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A great opportunity for students and/or young professionals (graduated within the last 3 years) from all different disciplines such to join Water Academy and learn about Blue-Green City. It is an intensive and unique learning experience for 20 – 30 selected students who have the interest to learn about urban water challenges and opportunities in […]

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DAAD Jakarta membuka kembali kesempatan beasiswa untuk summer course dan beasiswa training UNILEAD untuk keberangkatan tahun 2017. Beasiswa yang ditawarkan adalah sebagai berikut :    Beasiswa “Hochschulsommerkurs” bagi mahasiswa S1 tingkat akhir/ mahasiswa S2 semua jurusan untuk mengikuti short summer course di Jerman tahun 2017.   Deadline pendaftaran : 1 Desember 2016.   Informasi lengkap mengenai persyaratan, […]

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DAAD Jakarta kembali membuka program beasiswa riset “Biodiversity & Health” untuk keberangkatan tahun 2017. Terdapat lima tipe beasiswa untuk delapan topik riset di berbagai institusi atau universitas di Jerman:   Scholarship Type A          : PhD Scholarships in Germany (max. 36 months) Scholarship Type B          : Postdoctoral Fellowships in Germany / short-term visits (1 to 6 […]

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Nagaoka University of Technology would like to provide opportunity to study in there with graduate course, “International Graduate Course for Continuing Professional Development”, which is offered for researchers and engineers from developing countries. It will provide advanced study, research, experience in engineering fields so that they can contribute to the industrial development of their home […]

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Fully funded scholarships are available for all students commencing Doctoral degree (3 years) in 2017 at Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kochi University of Technology – Japan. The scholarships are for 1 year and can be extended up to 3 years based on satisfactory progress. The program will be conducted in English so applicants are […]

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Kedutaan Besar India bekerjasama dengan Indonesia melalui Kementerian Sekretariat Negara RI menyampaikan tawaran program beasiswa dan pelatihan Pemerintah India tahun 2016-2017 di India. Adapun biaya keikutsertaan pada program beasiswa dan pelatihan tersebut akan ditanggung oleh Pemerintah India.   Bagi dosen atau staf di lingkungan Universitas Brawijaya yang berminat untuk mengikuti program tersebut, harap menyerahkan dokumen dalam bentuk hardcopy […]

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Pemerintah Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (RRT) menyampaikan tawaran program beasiswa untuk mengikuti seminar, TCDC Training Program di RRT (daftar training terlampir). Pemerintah RRT tidak memberikan batasan kuota untuk mengikuti masing-masing training. Adapun biaya sehubungan dengan keikutsertaan pada program tersebut akan ditanggung oleh Pemerintah RRT.   Bagi dosen atau staf di lingkungan Universitas Brawijaya yang berminat, harap […]

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The Australian Government is offering fully funded scholarships and fellowships for international students to undertake study, research or professional development in Australia, and for Australian students to do the same in overseas. This scholarship program will provide full tuition fees for the duration of your program, travel allowance, monthly stipend, travel & health insurance, establishment […]

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