Healthy Plant Grow in Healthy Soil

Prof Warisa Sitaweewarakul

Healthy plant will only grow in healthy soil. Healthy soil will become a place of breeding for beneficial microorganism. This microorganism functions to kill disease and filter soil water. This is conveyed by Assist Prof Dr Warisa Sitaweewarakul from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Thailand, on Wednesday (11/7) in Dekanat building Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya second floor.

On the event conducted by IAAS UB, Warisa, who are from Department of Animal Science and Fishery, talks about the relation of agriculture and environment. It has to be admitted that one of the problems is caused by agriculture section. So that she said that there should be a solution that is scientific.

The initial step that can be done is controlling the pest, weeds, disease, and decreasing the use of pesticide. She said that farmer should be pushed to find other way beside using pesticide. Supporting water conservation and healthy water. The third one is processing fertile and healthy soil.

On this session, Warisa also tells the story of Thailand King Bhumibolo Alduyadej in developing agriculture in Thailand. He is the one initiating the use of vetiver weed and new model of agriculture for small farmers. The weed called Ya-Phang in Thailand prevent erosion in cliff areas.

Besides, the King also initiates new model of agriculture on 1993. This model can be used for famer with limited land and water. This model put forth management of land and water use to get optimal result.  The land is divided into four, 30 percent for water reserve, 30 percent for rice field, 30 percent for horticulture, and the rest for residency. The key of success of the program is cooperation and participation of every farmer. [ai/translated by yasmeen]