One Week of International Class in FP-UB

Lecturer from Chulalongkorn University give guest lecture in FP

Several courses in Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya (FP-UB) such as Bioteknologi, Basic of Plant Protection, Profession Ethics, Agroforestry, and Agroecosystem Management are taught by a Professor from Chulalongkorn University Thailand for a week (22-25/5). Dr. Anton Muhibuddin, SP., MP. Said that this is a part of the realization of international cooperation held by FP since 2011 for the next 5 years, covering three fields, education, research, and scientific publication.

From the fields of education, there are several activities such as lectureship, exchange of lecturers/students, guest lecture, and scientific oration in two places, and joint research. Professor Hunsa Punnapayak, Ph.D begin teaching in the international class, which will be continued by two lecturers from Chulalongkorn University on the next semester. “The cooperation is very beneficial for UB because Chulalongkorn is the best University in Thailand and also on 40 best universities in Asia and 294 best in the world,” as said by Anton as the head of cooperation program.

Prof. Hunsa said that the academic atmosphere such as discussion on class between students and lecturer is hard to be find in Thailand because the students over there rarely active in discussion. According to him, this is an advantage that should always be developed.

Through such events, it is expected that students of international class will be continuously exposed to international lecturers and teaching system so that they can feel the positive impact on the perception of original culture of the lecturer. “Students will receive realization of FP ready to Go International with such cooperations,” as said by Anton, who is also a lecturer in HPT Department-FPUB.

Aside from inviting lecturer from Chulalongkorn University, the cooperation program also planned to send lecturers of FP-UB to study in Chulalongkorn University. Besides, there are also programs of Join Research, student exchange, and scientific publication. In the joint research program, currently a joint research has been agreed between FP-UB and Chulalongkorn University. On the joint research, the involvement of FP-UB students is also needed to support quality improvement of student’s scientific work. Expected outputs are joint scientific publication between lecturers in the two Universities on international journal.

The current student exchange that is held in the form of internship and joint research, is participated by M. Akhid Syibli and Annisa N. They will attend a research in Chulalongkorn University for several weeks starting next August.

Related to the program, the Dean Prof. Sumeru Ashari, Ph.D said that cooperation is a form of internationalization of FP-UB. Aside from improving the quality of students and lecturers in FP-UB, the program is also expected to improve the scientific publication quality of lecturers and improve international network.

With the wide network possessed by Chulalongkorn University, it will also benefits UB, the lecturers, and the students in the future. “The cooperation is as a follow up of the MoU, to interest others to develop it,” Anton said. [fp/nok/translated by A. Yasmeen]