TOP Internship Program in the United States of America

The Ohio Program Goes To Campus

The Ohio Program Goes To Campus

The Ohio International Agricultural and Horticultural Internship Program or The Ohio Program (TOP) is an international program in the field of agriculture which is sponsored by The Ohio State University (OSU) and involving student throughout the globe to join in an internship for 6 up to 12 weeks in many companies in the United States of America. TOP in collaboration with more than 200 companies throughout America becomes the host for students. TOP existence which has more than 35 years, has been helping 10 thousand individuals from 90 countries for practical training in student’s career choices. TOP Internship Program Coordinator from the Ohio State University, Grzegorz Lecki, delivered this in front of Faculty of Agriculture students.

Since 1979, The Ohio Program has been helping international students in the field of agriculture and horticulture which annually accommodate 400 students worldwide. Internship to be offered are started from greenhouse, animal husbandry, turfgrass, crop farming, nursery until floristry. Before selected TOP as the program desired, students should consider distances with family, the ability to become independent individuals, meet new people, partners with background of different countries, hard work that is often repeated, focus on internship and not research, and also dedication and full priority.

The Ohio Program Goes to Campus which organized on Tuesday (10/May/2016) at New building of the Faculty of Univesity of Brawijaya 5th floor is a hard work result of TOP alumni who invited the speaker to share information to the prospective participants.

In similar time, Monterey Bay Nursery owner which based in California, Luen Miller also narrated American working culture in the field of nursery. Developing plants could be considered as relatively easy, yet in order to sell them and consistently selected by retailer is a special challenge. Parthership ability in a team also strongly necessary in an internship program. Besides exposure to be confronted daily will also influence decisions, since this is a real professional world. Participants are asked to compete with the workers who have their own problems, in different background and culture. All the assessments are seen from how they themselves work.

Dr. Ir. Sitawati, MS as representative of Faculty of Agriculture of University of Brawijaya accompanied Grzegorz and Luen who after the event visited two different places in Batu city area, including CV. Bunga Melati and AgroDuta Nusantara.

The Ohio Program has objectives to let students originated from many countries could learn cultural aspects and agricultural technology to be implemented in America. In addition, also applied good ethical work and discipline in professional atmosphere with expectation that knowledge to be obtained increasingly beneficial for development in the field of agriculture in the country of origin. Definitely while in America, in addition to learn culture, students also will deepen the English learning.

In several years, Indonesian TOP participants had increased. The best Faculty of Agriculture students of many universities like IPB, UB, UGM and Satya Wacana delegated to join in the internship in many companies. TOP alumni in Indonesia has a forum to establish communication, sharing information each other and good partnership with The Ohio Program. They named themselves as Asosiasi TOP Agro Indonesia (TOP Agrindo). [waw/Humas UB/trans. Denok]