UB as Runner up at 2016 I-ENVEX Malaysia

UB as runner up I-ENVEX 2016

UB as runner up I-ENVEX 2016

Students of Chemical Engineering Study Program Faculty of Engineering University of Brawijaya (PSTK FT-UB) was successfully to grab silver medal or runner up at the 7th International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition 2016 (i-ENVEX 2016) that organized at University of Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) for three days (8-10/Apr/2016).


In the competition, UB team that represented by Rhezaldian Eka Darmawan and Surya Diki Andrianto must compete with more than 400 creative ideas products in innovation and advanced technology by young innovators of 20 countries.


Countries that also participate are such as Romania, Poland, United States of America, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Moldova, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Beside silver medal, UB students also grabbed Honor of Invention (Special Award) from delegates of innovation organization SVSIC India for innovation they have accomplished.


Currently, UB’s young researchers brought the work of food preservative made from bagasse named as Bagasse Edible Coating. Its application could be used for vegetables, fruits and meats.


“Its nature as fruit coating to avoid oxidation and products to be coated are more durable,” said Rheza.

This product has been tested on apples. Of the test, whole apples with peel can last up to 75 days. Yet when peeled, only 5 days.

“The ingredient is safe since made of food grade. So instantly eaten and do not need to be washed,” he affirmed.

Rheza confessed, the innovation ideas inspired from fruit export import process that takes long time. Therefore lots of rotten and dries fruits, thus local farmers have many losses.

In addition, recently imported fruits’ peel is coated with wax or candle that aimed to hamper decay process. Yet based on Rheza explanation, it is harmful and so it should be washed before eaten.

“Farmers have losses in the transport sector that takes long period and so lots of fruits rot and wither. Finally when it reached consumers, our products inferior than imported fruits,” he said.

The product is an alternative development of similar preservative products that have been developed by the team. Previously the team has developed fruit preservative from milk residual and polysaccharides. Each of products has its own advantages and disadvantages.

As for the competition, act as the first winner was derived from Rumania and the third champion from University Sains Malaysia (USM). I-ENVEX 2016 organized by ENVEX Young Researcher Club (EYReC), University Malaysia perlis (UniMAP) and Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. [and/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


Source: http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/en/html/18240