UB Participates at the 2016 Harvard National Model United Nations

UB delegates at HNMUN 2016

UB delegates at HNMUN 2016

University of Brawijaya students were delegates the 2016 Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN). The event held on Friday until Monday (11-14/Mar/2016) in Boston, The United States of America. In the competition, UB was represented by 10 inter-faculties students including Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and also Faculty of Economics and Business.


A delegate, Hasto Khoirru from Faculty of Cultural Studies explained, the event is a simulation. “In the event, we had simulation on the United Nations General Assembly. Along with other participants, we discussed global issue. The event is a debate simulation, and utilized as skill and knowledge training on communication, diplomacy, negotiation and international congregation system,” he said.


In the HNMUN, UB delegated a team of each theme, like Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Hasto Khoirru Rachman/FIB 2012 and Tri Selli Martianti/FISIP 2013), Disarmament and International Security Committee (Risky Amanullah/FEB 2012 and Meyla C G Noya/FT 2014), legal Committee (Kristiyanto/FH 2013 and Pradipto Bhaskoro Susilo B./FEB 2014), World Health Organization (Sefrina Trisadi/FK 2012) and also World Conference on Women (Rivani Ratna Juwita/FISIP 2013).


In the similar occasion, UB delegates also succeeded to pierce of Social Venture Challenge finalist in HNMUN. The event, according to Hasto, is a student empowerment event to convey ideas in form of social venture project.

In the competition, Hasto Khoirru Rachman, Kristiyanto and Tri Selli Martianti joined in a team named “PDG: Portable Decomposer Garbage” in a theme of technology and environment in Indonesia.

The team also had a social project in form of organic waste management to be directly utilized after processing. “the duration of waste processing is a week. Afterwards could be used as compost. The device capacity is able to contain household waste up to 5 kilograms. We will implement this in Cemoro Kandang area,” he said.

By the device, PDG team of University of Brawijaya succeeded to qualify the final step as 9 best finalist at the 2016 HNMUN Social Venture Challenge, side by side with 10 Nopember Institue of Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesian Education University and some other delegates from Africa. [Vicky/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


Source: http://prasetya.ub.ac.id/berita/en/html/18112