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The UB Library is one of the programs of the university (Institutional Support System) to support the academic programs of the university as part of the “Three Pillars of National Higher Education”, which are education, research, and community service. Some of the roles of the university to support education are to provide information as well as to coordinate and combine all services to improve the processes of learning, research, and public service. This has the aim to achieve the improvement of the quality of graduates in relation to knowledge development and scientific mastery.


The UB Library also provides Electronic Books (E-Books), international journals of various fields of knowledge, manuals, and more.

Web site of the UB Central Library: http://digilib.ub.ac.id



Brawijaya University has laboratory facilities in all faculties and departments. The laboratories are used for practice, research, and training. Students can perform research in the laboratories to practice the theories they learned in class or for final assignments requiring laboratory equipment to analyze the research results.


JPC (Job Placement Center)

This department handles programs of training and independent development that are held regularly each year. It organizes the training programs in collaboration with other parties competent in their fields, to prepare students and alumni to enter the work force in accordance with their existing competencies. The department also provides consulting services for students and alumni who need information related to employment.


Healthcare Facilities




UB Polyclinic

Brawijaya University provides a healthcare clinic for students. Students can access healthcare services at a reasonable and affordable price for them. The healthcare clinic is supplemented by several hospitals in Malang such as UB Hospital, Syaiful Anwar General Hospital, Islamic Hospital, Lavalette Hospital, and others.


Sport Facilities

Students can use the Sport Facilities that are available in UB:


  1. Pertamina Sport Arena(Basketball Court, Futsal Court, Volleyball Court) Location: behind Samantha Krida Building
  1. UB Sport Center(Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Fitness Center) Location: just outside Brawijaya University
  1. Football Field, Swimming Pool Location: Brawijaya University, Dieng Campus


Religious Facilities

Most students of Brawijaya University are Muslims. The central mosque “Masjid Raden Patah” and prayer rooms (musholla) in some faculties or departments support the religious needs of these students. Not far from the campus, there is a Buddhist temple for Buddhists. Christians may worship at a cathedral on Ijen Street, which is about 10 minutes away by public taxi.


Public Facilities


UB Guest House

Located in the center of Malang, East Java, Indonesia, UB Guest House offers the perfect combination for guests who seek a place to rest, to meet, or to do business. The blend of contemporary design and modern architecture creates an intimate feeling like no other. Our professional staff are committed to develop and offer the best service for guests, always welcoming with the warmest smile. UB Guest House is the perfect choice for business trips and holidays.



Jl. MT. Haryono 169

Malang – East Java


Phone. +62 – 341 – 558585 (hunting)

Fax. +62 – 341 – 575810




Internet and Computer Networking

Free Wi-Fi facilities are available on campus for active students of Brawijaya University.

Free Internet access via Wi-Fi can be accessed throughout the campus, as well as through computers available in the Departments, Faculties, and the Library. Students can access the SIAM (Online Student Academic Information System) of Brawijaya University at https://siam.ub.ac.id/ or download the Gapura UB application to find out general information about UB.

These features to support student academics are accessible online:

  1. Study Plan Card Submission (Course Selection)
  2. Study Result Card Information (Course Report)
  3. Class and Lecturer Information
  4. Course and Examination Schedule Information
  5. Student Personal Details Submission


Telecommunication Facilities

A post office is available on campus.


Bank and ATM

There are several ATMs and banks available within or nearby the campus:

  1. ATM Mandiri, located in Bank Mandiri, next to the Faculty of Medicine
  2. ATM BNI, located at the campus entrance and in Bank BNI Jl. Veteran
  3. ATM BTN, located at the campus entrance and in Bank BTN Jl. Veteran
  4. ATM Danamon and Niaga, located next to Plaza KPRI, Jl. M.T. Haryono campus entrance
  5. ATM BRI, located in Bank BRI in the Economics & Business Building
  6. ATM Bank Jatim, located in Bank Jatim Jl. M.T. Haryono, near the campus entrance from Jl. Soekarno Hatta
  7. ATM BCA, located next to the rectorate building and student dormitory area


Plaza KPRI

Plaza KPRI is a supermarket that provides various daily needs for students and the public. It is located at Jl. M.T. Haryono, near the campus entrance.


UB Coffee