As a form of UB’s full support for the implementation of the Kampung Cempluk Festival, UB sent 20 international students to take part in the cultural parade and a series of annual cultural activities that become the village icon on Jalan Dieng Atas Sumberjo, Kalisongo, Dau District, Malang Regency, Sunday (18/9/2022) International students from various countries are involved in the Kampung Cempluk Cultural Festival.

‘Urip Iku Urup’ is the theme that is carried out this year, meaning that life must provide benefits and positive spirit values ​​for oneself and the environment. Rector of Universitas Brawijaya was also present at the opening of the event. Prof. Widodo said, “I see this festival as a positive activity from residents to revive the local culture. And local culture is a big asset, if we want to compete at a global level”.

He added, that one form of UB’s support for this activity is to involve international students to participate in the Kampung Cempluk Cultural Festival. “We invite foreign students here to get to know Indonesian culture. So foreigners do not only learn about technology here but also learn about our culture. That way, our culture will automatically be carried internationally, and they will become our ambassadors to introduce Indonesian culture abroad,” said Rector of Universitas Brawijaya.

The involvement of foreign students also has a goal so that foreign students can see and interact directly with the community and traditional arts activists. In line with what was conveyed by the Head of International Office Universitas Brawijaya, Didik Hartono, “Kampung Cempluk Festival is already very good as a local cultural festival so we feel this is a suitable event for foreign students in UB to get to know various Indonesian arts and culture, especially Malang”. Didik Hartono added that UB International Office has a commitment to introducing local and national culture to foreign students so that Indonesian culture can be widely known through the foreign students studying at UB.

The participation of international students does not stop at the opening parade, they will take turns displaying various cultural attractions from their respective countries. Nanda Saraswati as the coordinator of this activity hopes that the involvement of international students from UB will add to the liveliness of the event and will also bring cultural exchanges between countries. With the participation of international students of UB, local residents enthusiastically welcomed them at the opening of the cultural parade last Sunday (18 September).